About Mitre Peak

Rising triumphantly above stunning Milford Sound is Mitre Peak, at 1692m above sea level, It’s distinctive formation makes for one of the most photographed mountain ranges in New Zealand. The distinctive shape of the peak in southern New Zealand gives the mountain its name, after the Mitre headwear of Christian bishops. It was named in English by Captain John Lort Stokes, the Maori name for the peak is Rahotu.

Part of the reason for its iconic status is its location. Close to the shore of Milford Sound, in the south-western South Island, it is a stunning sight. The mountain rises near vertically 1,692 metres, i.e. just over a mile, from the waters of the Milford Sound.

The peak is actually a closely grouped set of five peaks, with Mitre Peak not even the tallest one, however from most easily accessible viewpoints, Mitre Peak appears as a single point. The road access to Milford Sound is via State Highway 94, in itself one of the most scenic roads in New Zealand.