Cap Sizing

We've worked hard to offer a broad range of cap sizes, shapes and styles in our custom collections from multiple cap factories globally. We measured each cap and identified the sizing for each model with a scale listed between it's smallest and largest size adjustment. Before ordering take a few moments to identify your head measurement as shown below.

A) Take a measuring tape and place it around the circumference of your head, slightly above the ears, with the tape held fairly closely to your head.

B) Measure your head and then compare the measurement with the table below to find your hat size.

C) If you don’t have a tape measure, then use a piece of string to measure around your head and then check the length using a ruler or other measure.

 OSFM, many of our caps come as a One Size Fits Most fitting with further adjustment achieved with rear metal buckle, velcro or snap back closures. The smallest measurement is taken with the back adjustment fully closed and the largest size when it's open to it's widest fit.

Cap Model Fit Size (cm)
A-Frame OSFM 58-61cm
Base 5 OSFM 58-61cm
Base 5 XXL XXL 62-66cm
Camo Trucker OSFM 58-61cm
Canvas 6 Waxed OSFM 58-61cm
City Cap OSFM 57-61cm
City V2  Regular 58-61cm
City V2  X/Large 61-64cm
Cord Flat OSFM 57-60cm
Cordy Trucker OSFM 58-62cm
Cruise 5 OSFM 58-61cm
Curv 6 Small 54-58cm
Curv 6 Regular 58-61cm
Curv 6 XXL XXL 62-66cm
Curv 6 Profit Small 55-57cm
Curv 6 Profit Large 57-59cm
Curv 6 Profit X/Large 59-60cm
Fidel OSFM 57-60cm
Flat 6 Small 54-58cm
Flat 6 Regular 58-61cm
Flat 6 ProFit Small 55-57cm
Flat 6 ProFit Large 57-59cm
Flat 6 ProFit X/Large 59-60cm
Flat 6 Youth Youth 55-59cm
Foamie Trucker OSFM 57-61cm
Max Cap OSFM 57-61cm
Oilskin OSFM 58-60cm
OMA Running OSFM 57-61cm
OMA Trail OSFM 57-61cm
PIRC OSFM 57-61cm
Primo Bucket OSFM 59-60cm
RECY Cap OSFM 57-61cm
Rugged Trucker OSFM 58-61.5cm
STRT 6 OSFM 58-61cm
STRT 7 OSFM 58-61cm
STRT 7 Trucker OSFM 58-61cm
The XL Cap X/Large 59-63cm
Trucker Heather OSFM 58-61cm
Trucker Low OSFM 58-61cm
Vintage Cap OSFM 57-60cm
Wai Cap OSFM 58-62cm
Wai Bucket OSFM 59-60cm
XL Cap X/Large 59-63cm
XL Trucker X/Large 59-63cm
XXL Base 5 2XLarge 63-66cm