Corporate Sales

Here at MNTN we pride ourselves as being very nimble in our design and manufacturing process to bring an original idea to life from an initial drawing to the finished product.

If you have a sports team, club or even a wholesaler / retailer looking for a custom MNTN cap design made for a special promotion or to highlight your own brand, we can do it, with pricing that's comparable to ordinary embroidery.

A few examples of businesses we've worked with to date...

Munro Motorcycle Cap with metal badge

BBQ BOI custom laser etched wood cap

Note on badge materials

We offer two unique materials for our custom etched badges, stamped metal and Wood, (Dutch Birch) . While we can make a single custom badge utilising laser etched wood, the process for using metal is far more intensive and requires a minimum of 100 units to be cost / effort effective. We also use modern heat press technologies like Supacolour branding for a pop of full colour graphic, in short, we love a challenge to bring your activation to life so anything is possible.

Note on custom cap quantities

While one or two caps with a custom laser etched wood can certainly be made, just have a look through our website for the price and the cap and similar size of badge you'd like.

To offer the best value for money order quantities of five to ten units or more would be the most cost effective. We've made from one unique cap for a CEO's birthday through to over 500 units for a product relaunch.

Note on lead times

Laser etched wood, up to two weeks from receiving the finalised badge design.

Metal, up to five weeks from receiving the finalised badge design.

Supacolour, up to two weeks from receiving the finalised badge design.