About Us

Kia Ora, hello and thank you for visiting MNTN.

So who or what is MNTN you ask?

MNTN (Mountain) is our interpretation of the natural beauty that surrounds us here in New Zealand, our attempt to capture the elements that resonate with us when we take the time to be a part of what this majestical country has to offer.

MNTN is, at its outset focused on delivering limited edition iconic headwear with a unique kiwi flavour. We figured NZ has so much to offer, it’s wildlife, it’s scenery, it’s mana. All world class, so much to be proud of so why wouldn’t we use that as our focus?

MNTN was born from the realisation that we are at our calmest and happiest immersing ourselves in nature, walking through a native forest, admiring the many mountain ranges in the distance, enjoying the Tui's call while it feeds on the nectar of the Kowhai. 

While we’ve had the privilege and opportunity to work in multiple countries and travel around the globe we’ve always considered NZ home. Having made the decision at the end of 2018 to return home for good we took a good amount of time to think about what the next step should be. 

Well MNTN is it, our vision, our interpretation of the natural beauty that surrounds us when we take the time to look. Taking great pride in New Zealand and wanting nothing more than to share it with the rest of the world.

Again, thanks for stopping by.

Your MNTN team.