About Ruapehu

Mount Ruapehu is an active stratovolcano at the southern end of the Taupo Volcanic Zone in the North Island of New Zealand. Ruapehu very aptly translates into english as  "pit of noise" or "exploding pit"

Mt Ruapehu is located in the Central Plateau of NZ’s North Island in the Tongariro National Park, listed for its cultural and geological significance. Along with having the Whanganui National Park nearby, this area is one of New Zealand’s premium outdoor destinations with the North Islands major ski resorts and only glaciers are on it's slopes.

The maunga (mountain), particularly its peaks, have strong spiritual links for local iwi. You may hear local people refer to the maunga as Koro (grandad) Ruapehu.

Last eruption: 25th September 2007
Current elevation: 2797m